There’s nothing more rewarding than helping a brand become an integral part of a story that enriches an entire community
#OnStarGivesBack: Baton Rouge Community

Baton Rouge Street Art Project

In collaboration with OnStar and Campbell Ewald, we told the story of how the people of Baton Rouge triumphed over adversity, after the devastating floods of 2016. The project combined an art commission, content creation and influencer marketing – ultimately involving and inspiring the whole city – and leaving a permanent contribution to the cityscape.

The project demonstrated how a brand could authentically connect to both an on- and off-line audience in a meaningful way, that transcends orthodox marketing.

#OnStarGivesBack: Baton Rouge Artist Video

We commissioned two street artists, Jacob Zumo from Baton Rouge and Brandan ‘B-mike’ Odoms from New Orleans, to create an original mural together, that celebrated the bond between the their respective Louisiana communities.

Their striking art piece became the focus of a number of short movies, that told the story of some of displaced kids of Baton Rouge, and the ways in which OnStar helped during the disaster, by partnering with the Red Cross.

The narrative was amplified by a number of local celebrity and social influencers (such as Olympic hurdler Lolo Jones) and before long we’d caught the attention of regional news crews and media outlets. Thanks to a simple little art collaboration OnStar continues to reach a broad local and national audience, and an 8-week media flight has become a permanent addition to the Baton Rouge landscape.

#OnStarGivesBack: Baton Rouge Mural Timelapse