BET Networks

A Viacom Company
We are BET’s social content agency, creating & publishing content that is tapped in to the underlying values & passion points of the African American community. From Black Lives Matter to Black Girls Rock, we are the driving force behind BET’s brand promise on social.

Movie Premieres

BET has found tremendous success in the development of biopics on characters that have impacted black culture. From The New Edition Story, to The Bobby Brown story, and the more recent American Soul – Our team of branding specialists & content producers have worked together to not only give a cohesive look/feel for each film, but developed content that builds interest & conversation around each premiere.

Evergreen Programming

We also work with BET’s programming team to support new & returning shows that need awareness & engagement in the social space. From high-touch 3D renders, to lo-fi DIY memes – Our content team produces all of the creative in-house, with the sole purpose of lighting the comment section on fire.

Tentpole Events

BET is home to a number of iconic tentpoles: The BET Awards, Hip Hop Awards, Black Girls Rock! and so many more. We work hand in hand with BET to develop a content strategy & posts that bring the tentpole to life on social. From snapchat takeovers, to nostalgic look backs on IGTV, we are intimately plugged in & churning out content.