About Us

Meet The World's First Cultural Media Company

We Make Brands Matter

The Epic Rise Of Social Poses A Huge Challenge For Brands. How Do You Find Your Voice In A Conversation Led By Consumers?

theAudience pioneered this space. We harness deep cultural insight and immersive storytelling that compels people to talk about you. Then by fusing content and culture with influence and entertainment we create brand impact that’s felt far beyond the digital realm.

Our journey begins where marketing ends. A unique mix of art and science that we call Cultural Media.

1: We Identify Opportunities…
Our specialist team of data nerds, culture hounds & strategists
analyze the rich cultural landscape that exists between brands &
2: …To Make Powerful Brand Connections
Then our creative studio of storytellers, artists & producers
develop immersive, multi-channel campaigns based upon our

theAudience Difference

  • The original pioneers of social culture & influencer activation
  • A consumer-centric approach that reimagines brand engagement
  • Unique insights that lead to imaginative & impactful campaigns
  • A dedicated content studio in Hollywood, full of passionate storytellers
  • Intimately connected to culture, influence & entertainment
  • Strategy that is results-driven in the ‘post-social age’