theAudience | A new breed of Insight Agency
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theAudience is a new breed of consultancy + agency

we unlock deep consumer insights that shape bold ideas.

We connect brands across every aspect of the human experience – in both digital & real life – executing seamlessly, regardless of medium. By transforming brands into active contributors to culture, we foster stronger relationships with consumers.

Culture Lab

Culture Lab is a global collective of data analysts, strategists, trend forecasters and culture hounds that use an arsenal of third party and proprietary tools (along with deep cultural knowledge) to map the landscape that exists between a brand and its consumers.

What We Do

01: Cultural Consultancy

Our ‘Culture Lab’ uses technology and deep insight to map the cultural landscape that connects a brand to its consumers.

02: Brand Storytelling

Our world-class, multi-discipline creative studios engage massive cross-channel audiences with compelling branded content.

03: Community Building

Our dedicated publishing units grow and maintain thriving social communities, supported by planning, media and analytics disciplines.

04: Influencer Partnerships

Our influencer team has access to over 85,000 digital stars, enabling us to leverage the most influential voices in popular culture.

05: Live Experience

Our live activation team makes brands relevant in the moment, by capturing content in real time, at experiential events and happenings.

06: Cultural Collaboration

We make brands active participants in culture, by collaborating with artists, entertainment properties, and other likeminded entities.

Our Clients

We partner with a broad range or regional, national, and global brands and their AORs on both a retained and project basis.

Our Philosophy


Social media is fast becoming the dominant way in which people express themselves – especially the people that are most influential in shaping opinions and trends. This has created an ecosystem in which two billion consumers across the world have the power to aggregate brand content for relevancy and authenticity in realtime – and share the stories that are most valuable in expressing their identity, and connecting them to their peers.

We believe that this polarity shift is disrupting mass media to its core – and by extension, how brands are forced too connect to consumers. No longer can companies solely rely on paid channels to distribute brand messages, they must also focus on the worthiness of that content and the value that sharing it across a multi-channel network provides them.

As the marketing landscape grows increasing complex, consumers require a thoughtful, humanized approach to communication. Rather than start with a brand ‘message’, theAudience begins by identifying the values, passions & commonalities that authentically connect a brand to its audience. We then analyze the broader cultural landscape that exists between company & consumer, and ‘activate’ the brand in culture – through storytelling & collaboration, combining multiple social touchpoints.

Get In Touch

315 W 36th St. 8th Floor (we’re moving soon!)

Dubai Outlet City, Al Alin Road
t: +971 4-4234666

Opening 2019…
t: +1 310-745-9025 (enquiries)